Crafting Community was a test platform to explore norm creative participatory practices and dialogues in the field of glass and craft. It developed through my master studies at Konstfack, University Collage of Arts, Crafts and Design and was a site-specific investigation in how people at Konstfack could come together to share knowledge, ideas and personal views. The project embraced experimental and collaborative methods and strived to gather makers with varying knowledge and skills. Crafting Community was an anti separatism working platform with proposals as to how we could come together and perform work in an investigational and collective direction.

The work in Crafting Community focuses on the process of making and raises questions about the objects significance and the exposure of process and craftsmanship. Most of all Crafting Community questions the idea of the self-absorbed artist by searching ways and methods in how we can unite to share ideas, knowledge, skills and the differences that we own?


The library consist of selected objects created in workshops and gatherings in the Crafting Community project. The idea with the workshops was to create a context for people with different material interest and skills to meet and share there curiosity and ideas through collaborative work. Some of the objects investigate material combinations while others revolves around the use of different glas techniques. An important part of the works was also to facilitate a space for social interaction to create interpersonal relations through the practice of craft. The library is owned by all who participated in the workshops and is to be looked upon as an open source. Crafting Community the Library have been exhibited at the Spring Exhibition at Konstfack in 2015, the Glass Factory in Boda and at European Glass Context 2016 in Bornholm.  



For this workshop I invited students from Konstfacks designprogram, In Space, to collaborate with glass and ceramic students. It was a hot shop based gathering where we investigated material combinations with hot glass. The participants were asked to bring a material that they where curious to use together with glass. The workshop resulted in a mix of objects with both expected and unexpected material combinations such as fiberglass, eggshell, copper, carbon fiber, coffee grounds, canvas etc. Interesting reflection from the work was the reminder of how inexperience of handcraft traditions and material use can open up for creative challenges and unexpected results. 


GLASS IN CLAY – spontaneous mould making


“Hallow fellow students at Ceramics and Glass. On Tuesday 24th of February at 16:15, I will arrange a workshop in the hotshop. It is a material and technic based workshop where we will use clay and glass to build moulds. There will be hot glass in the furnace, clay on the table and a throwing wheel. With the material presented we will work spontaneously and create moulds for glass making. We have different knowledge and skills; witch is perfect and a very good thing for this collaborative workshop. Skill level is not of importance!! A very warm welcome to you all. Lets get together, investigate and have fun!”