MARKUS EMILSSON GLASS ARTIST & CRAFTIST                                                                      

I value the objects function of memorabilia and I am intrigued by the potential of craft as a practice to empower us to try different thoughts, positions and actions. 

I´m a trained glassblower and my knowledge and practice begun in the historical glass region of Småland, Sweden. It has influenced my work, both in the techniques I use as well as in the artistic themes I deal with. I se glass as a material for aesthetic and narrative investigations but also as a material and practice of social matter with interpersonal possibilities. As a craftist I want to challenge myself and the spectator in the investigation of glass and craft as a dialogical and relational medium. 

My work has evolved to embrace both traditional object-based exhibitions as well as craft performances and workshops. A lot of my work is made and performed solo but the interest of craft as a social practice has also called for collaborative work with co-creating and participating methods.